Your personal web & advertising agency

Nowadays, we know an increasingly gaining business service based on membership. This creates a relationship in which you, as a customer, never incur additional costs; and we have a basis to optimize our services. Finally, we are getting more and more subscribed forms for using software, creating (parts of) websites and the use of graphics programs.

We combine the commitment of our experienced web, creative and graphic professionals and the use of all of the above-mentioned products in a very attractive service: Club TDG. 

In addition, we believe it’s necessary to include you in the creative process of creating your logo, business card, website and social media.

The cost of an advertising agency often runs in tens of thousands of euros. Ultimately, you pay for the creative process that we think is that you as an entrepreneur can do this together with our experience.

The Club TDG membership includes everything you need:

Logo, stationery and business cards

(opening) flyer or custom (social) post/mail

Building a complete custom website

Photography and video for usage on the website

Full service website maintenance

How does Club TDG work?

In addition to the Club TDG package, you can use our reduced price list for additional serices.
Club TDG membership will soon give you 50% discount on all your other wishes.

After 10 months, we will review and re-establish all products based on an evaluation.
This way you always stay up to date.